Types Of Pets In Coin Master

Types Of Pets In Coin Master

Types Of Pets In Coin Master | Coin Master Game

Assuming you need to know the types of pets in coin master then you are at right spot. Today I will tell you the various types of pets in coin master.

I will likewise share the employments of pets in coin master. Underneath I have shared the total list of coin master pets and its employments.

Types of Pets -Coin Master

There are three types of pets in coin master.

  1. Foxy
  2. Tiger
  3. Rhino

I will provide you the details about how to activate foxy. How to use Foxy and when it is very important while plying coin master.


To enact foxy you need pet food. When enactment it helps you in assault for next four hours. At the point when you are plying strike master occasion, you ought to actuate foxy. At the hour of attack , you have 3 shot at digging however in the event that you are playing with foxy, you may get one additional possibility.


You can likewise enact tiger by feeding pet food. Tiger likewise remains dynamic for 6 hours after enactment. At the point when you take an interest in an assault master occasion, you should actuate Tiger. Playing using Tiger gives you additional coin rewards.


Rhino are used to protect the village. Rhino protects your village. Rhino acts as a shield.

Apart from above benefit and advantages, Activation of pets provide you xp , which is used to increase the pet power . It also improve the player ranking in game.

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